Why List Here?

Why List Your Business in The Vancouver Island Businesses Directory?

We believe in maintaining a high quality Intrawebs for all our fellow Islander’s and those who may choose to visit here.

We’ve created this human edited directory to give visitors and residents an easy way to find cool and notable Vancouver Island businesses.  Our website is mobile friendly and integrates with Google Maps making it incredibly fast and easy for users with a mobile device to find your business.

In fact, if you don’t have a website (or not a great one) you can even use your listing here as a temporary website.

Internet Exposure For Vancouver Island Businesses

vancouver-islandWhen it comes to getting more online exposure for your Vancouver Island Business it’s important that your business is listed in relevant local directories.  Getting listed in relevant, high quality (human edited) business directories sends very strong local ranking signals to search engines about your business.

Have you ever heard of a citation?  How about a backlink?  Both are highly coveted in the world of professional Internet Marketers who specialize in helping local businesses get found.  Citations and backlinks of any quality are becoming increasingly harder to come by.

How Will Citations Help Your Business?

checkmarkCitations = The mention of your business Name, Address and Phone Number.  (Internet geeks call this your N.A.P.)

Citations help with your local search rank.  A strong portfolio of local citations pointing web searchers to your business shows search engines strong signals as to your businesses importance in any particular region.  In other words, citations from a website based in China aren’t going to help your Vancouver Island business rank higher or get more exposure from Internet traffic.

How Will Relevant Local Backlinks Help Your Business?

promoteBacklinks = The inclusion of your link on another website that is relevant or compliments your own business.

Backlinks help with your overall search rank and can affect both your organic ranking and your local (maps) ranking.  If a particular website has a lot of backlinks from reputable and trustworthy local websites (like this one) than that business is going to rank higher in search than businesses who don’t have those same mentions.  By listing in the Vancouver Island Businesses directory you’ll get a high quality geo-graphically relevant backlink to your website from a local authority that search engines trust.

Our directory is human edited and we only accept 100% Vancouver Island grown businesses.  In order to be found in our website your business must be local to the Island and provide a service or sell goods on Vancouver Island.

Collect More Online Reviews About Your Business

speachbubblesOne of the most important factors when web visitors are deciding to choose one particular business over another is the amount of reviews they have online.  If you’re up against a company in search with 10 reviews and you have 0 reviews it’s a pretty good bet that you’re losing business to them.  Reviews are an important part of the ever-changing Internet Marketing landscape and the Vancouver Island Businesses directory provides you with an outlet to generate and respond to more reviews about your company.

Make Your Business Easier To Find For Mobile Users

handOur website is mobile responsive and integrates directly with Google Maps making it incredibly fast and easy for Internet searchers with a mobile device to find your business location.  Mobile visitors can quickly learn about your business, view photos, links, reviews, operating hours and get directions, right from their touch screen.

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